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RUN-DE-VOUS Endurance Runs

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Divya Madhavan
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* We have all been fortunate to have loved ones in our lives, parents, siblings , spouses,
  children or close friends, who have given us love and whom we have loved in return
  and who make this beautiful life of ours even more wonderful and rewarding.
* We have all been fortunate to have had people in our lives who have inspired and
  motivated us to reach beyond where we knew not we could go.
* So many amongst us have had loved ones leave for another abode. They live on
  though in our hearts and not a day passes when we do not reach into our being to talk
  to them and look to them for guidance or solace.
Here is your opportunity to dedicate this race to them and say "I Love You" or "I Thank You" or "I Am Missing You".
Here is your opportunity to send out prayers for the ones you love. Let the power of prayer carry you around the course.

If you have stories or photographs about your loved one that you would like to see displayed on this Web site I would be very happy to put them up.
There will be a special area, in Race Headquarters, reserved for The Wall Of Love. This is YOUR wall. Please feel free to put up anything that you feel will celebrate the wonderful person(s) you are running the race for.